General Infos:

Age: 40
Height: 165
Weight: 52
Bust Size: Big

Nationality: Canadian
1 hour, USD: 200
2 hours, USD: 380
All Night, USD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Role playing


Hi. Are you available today?

Can you possibly visit this HR. till 5:AM.I need it. Have cash


Me and my wife was wondering are you available?

Newburgh ny

me and my wife need you

me and my wife need you

Is it too late?

Looking for a quick blowjob nothing else

Hi bby can i call you on FaceTime?

Yes I just sent you a message but how about I give you my number how else would you come to me I know. 650-921-1060

Hi I was checking to see your availability this evening are tonight. I am on my way to Texas and Ive never been to Vegas so I thought Id give it a shot. And now Im trying to give it the full Vegas the real. I thank you very beautiful and would love to spend some time with you probably 2 hours if you e available. Look forward to hearing from you

Anne, with all this social distancing loonacy are you still making house calls?

How do I meet up with you?

Hello Anne just over from England till Sunday would like to book tomorrow if possible for hour staying at mgm signature think u look fantastic xx

I’m at Mandala Bay hotel. Can see you around 5 PM?

I’m at Mandala Bay hotel. Can see you around 5 PM?

Can you come to the strip ?

Hi I am interested in spending some time with you.