General Infos:

Age: 27
Height: 168
Weight: 50
Bust Size: Big

Nationality: Italian
1 hour, USD: 250
2 hours, USD: 500
All Night, USD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Oral without condom
Role playing
Toys / Dildos


Hi, Can you please tell me if you meet with couples? Well be in Vegas in about a month. Thank you miss.

Are u verified

Are u verified

Your sexy

Hi when are you free to meet?

Are you free to meet?

Hey you available And what’s the cost?

Are you free today ?

Are you free today

I need for 1 hr 1am tonight Vdara hotel

Hit me up on the app now

Are you available tonight? We are a couple..

hi do you have whatsapp how can i contact you??


Hi im at las vegas and i would like to meet you. How can i contact you?

Are you free now

how much for sex? Do you like to be eaten

Hey how much is sex?

U free ?

Hi sexy lady I wanna fuck

Hy sexy lady I wanna fuck u


R you free now?

R you free now?

What’s up

Hello , If I want you to stay with me in hotel for 3 days eating , playing, going parties , everything will be in my expenses how much will you charge me?

U free fir drink

Are you free now

Are you free now

Are you free now

Are you free now


Im in room 1713

Im at circircis

Are you available tonight


Hi ill be flying in on the 9th. Will you be available?



Room 26136 in Excalibur Hotel. I called earlier.

In Excalibur 24 year old male.

Available on may 21st.

Available on may 21st



Are you available now?

im Italian love to meet

Hi gorgeous are you available?

Hi gorgeous are u available

Do you meet with couples

How much all night

i am going to be at the luxor on march 15 will you be available for a couple of hours??

Hey baby are you available now

Hi baby are you available right now

how much for all night? We’re a couple.

Hi Dior. I am in Vegas next week. Are you free for 1-2 hours of fun?

how much for all night

I am at four seasons